Professional designers

Gib-San Sales Team

about-genesis3-logoWe are committed to being on the leading edge of design
to meet increasingly more challenging designs each year. Our designers are continually enhancing their skills with courses at Genesis 3 University, the leading design/build educational force in the international landscape and water-shape industry. Courses range from computer modeling to Feng Shui, colour theory and architectural fundamentals. This broad design appreciation ensures greater integration of the pool design with the architectural settings and landscaping.

Two sales design consultants have achieved the prestigious Society of Watershape Designers, a level, only achieved by a select few industry designers in the world. 

Evan Baard SWD 
Head Designer 
Society of Watershape Designers

John Kenyon SWD 
Designer & Sales Manager 
Society of Watershape Designers

Jason Dedels  
Designer & Sales
Renovation Specialist

Bill Keir
Sales Consultant

design-friisPeter Friis
COO & Designer

Caley Gibbs
Marketing Director & Sales Consultant

The Design Team

Our Design Team backs up our Sales Design Consultants ensuring every detail is considered, both in meeting your design needs as captured by your sales consultant and the needs of the Project Management Team that will implement your plan to completion. You will have one contact for answers on how your project is progressing.

Back (L>R) Fadil Muja, Franis Yokohanna, Jan Horton;
Front: Evan Baard, Head Designer

Gib-San’s Creation Centre really simplifies the planning process.

Digital presentations and photos stimulate and assist you in determining your creative preferences and options.  No other pool builder offers as much assistance.


You will find out about everything from water features to safety fencing and decking materials – all in one place. See your plan on the large whiteboard computer, marking changes while in consultation with the designer. And if you have a multi-faceted design, investing in a 3D rendering will allow you to visualize the setting as if you were walking about each outdoor living area. 

Steps to a beautiful pool

The initial design objective is to assist you in visualizing how all the elements of your dream expectations fit together and into your planned space. It is then rendered into working drawings for the respective installation teams, and if required into different installation phases.


Visualize your complete backyard setting when planning a pool. Gib-San will help you create a plan that is right for your family’s lifestyle. Our design and build consultants will advise you not only on the pool shape, water features and materials, but also on how to best integrate the pool, patio, play areas, and landscaping with your natural setting. 

The Gib-San Creation Process and Creation Centre really simplify the pool and landscape design challenge while maximizing the creativity to meet or surpass your expectations.


Estate pool plans are brought to life in 3-D 

Investing in a 3-D presentation to review the details of a complex estate pool plan is worth it. You will be able to visualize your pool from different angles as if you were walking the property or enjoying the pool from your patio. More about estate pools. 


The next steps involve making decisions on the following topics to execute the plan. Our Creation Process will simplify this decision-making process by advising you of options and their pros and cons.