When deciding on whether the pool should be concrete or vinyl-lined, it comes down to design objectives, budget and personal preference. Gib-San applies the same attention to detail whichever you choose. 

Custom concrete pools

The design possibilities of concrete pools are endless – with a wide range of features from uniquely shaped steps and tanning ledges to spas, vanishing edges, fountains, beach entries and even islands. In-floor cleaning systems and special lighting features are also fast becoming standard options as well.


A concrete pool is built by spraying a specially formulated concrete mixture under high pressure over a web of structural steel bars. There are two spray-in-place processes used in the marketplace. One is Gunite which is wetted and batch mixed on-site during the spray process. The other is Shotcrete which Gib-San uses. It is the generally accepted standard of pneumatic applied concrete used in most major construction from bridges, tunnels, high rise buildings to swimming pools. It is premixed to very specific requirements at a sophisticated concrete plant prior to spraying. This provides greater control of both its specifications and the mix consistency for the complete pool build project.

A Pebbletec interior finish is recommended for concrete pools.  It is a patented process of durable, naturally beautiful pebbles. It is much more durable than the plaster or marble finishes that required more frequent refinishing.  Choose from 48 different colours in 3 distinct finishes, all with a durable finish, brighter colours and more strength that other finishes. Pebble Tec is only available from a select list of Licensed Pebble Tec Installers, ensuring consistency and quality in design.  

A concrete pool is a good investment for your home – Not only does it add intrinsic value with its beauty, but historically it has been proven to add value simply by the relative rising replacement value of building custom concrete over the years. Concrete is considerably more expensive than vinyl due to the added materials durability and design features. Estate homes most often opt for concrete pools considered more in keeping with estate architectural standards.  

Custom vinyl-lined pools


Gib-San vinyl-lined pools are built with quality steel wall kits manufactured for durability and years of service. Design flexibility has advanced a lot in the last couple of decades to allow for very creative pool shapes. They are custom fitted with liners that retain an even vinyl thickness throughout the pool for long lasting performance and fade resistant beauty. You have the option of insulating the walls to lessen heat loss while also providing a softer wall feel.

pooltypes-vinyl01High quality installation standards.  Gib-San customizes these vinyl liner pools with the same professional approach to building concrete pools. The plumbing and foundation work standards are similar to that used on concrete pools. 

Endless features –From molded easy-entry steps and sunning ledges to cantilevered rock coping and waterfalls to in-pool lighting and seating areas with massage jets. See just how beautiful these pools can be in the Photo Gallery – Vinyl Lined Pools.


Choose a pool shape – Technology has advanced to making it possible to make vinyl pools almost any shape. Review the selection shown in the “Photo Gallery – Vinyl Lined Pools” for ideas. But if you don’t see what you are after, chances are we can still do it. 

Select liner patterns and colours – Click here to view the wide selection of liner patterns.