Don’t just plan a pool … plan the resort!

Planning a pool without consideration of its setting is missing out on opportunities to maximize your enjoyment of both the pool and the yard. Some of the benefits are functional such as pathways to the pool area, whereas others may be for privacy or best viewing of floral plantings.

Some of the benefits are functional such as pathways to the pool area, whereas others may be for aesthetic enjoyment of having seating areas for best viewing or plantings for privacy or focal flowerbeds.  


Consider the complete area in the initial planning stage. Even if the installation is done in phases, having a master plan upfront produces the most pleasing results.  The following are some landscape and yard features to consider. 

Cabana design – A cabana can be the focal point on your deck or a shed hidden somewhat by landscaping. You decide how it will be used and how much profile you want it to have. Will it store the pool equipment? Is it a change room, a garden tool shed, an outdoor kitchen and bar, or will some of these functions be located elsewhere?

Outdoor kitchen and BBQ – If these are not in the cabana, then where? With outdoor living trends, grand stainless steel outdoor “kitchens” – complete with pizza oven provide a focal area ready for the master chef to perform!


Gazebo or bridge – Take advantage of a small creek or pond as a focal point, or add a gazebo for both tranquility and beauty in your dream setting.

Lawn sprinkler system – Plan this as soon as the landscape plan is done. Why create your dream and then have another tradesman in later to mar it?


Landscape theme – Our landscape designers are experts at capturing your ideas. Do you like lots of flowerbeds or more formal gardens with a fountain? Do you prefer a rustic natural stone and trees setting? Is there a need for privacy blocks from neighbours? Do you require a large play area with a playhouse and climber gym? Do you need large retaining walls to access lower yard areas better? How about focal stonework with weeping water or rushing waterfalls, or fish ponds and streams?

Visit our website gallery and Creation Centre for pool and landscaping ideas to help communicate to the designer your vision of a dream backyard resort.

Let us help you visualize and make your dream a reality. The possibilities are endless … and so is the enjoyment!