Celebrity hot tubs: relax the budget too!

Celebrity Hot Tubs is a great value tub especially when you need a large 7 seater tub for all your family and friends.  While there are four models, the large 7-seater tub loaded with features is most popular because for its size it doesn’t stress the budget.  Sure there are fewer jets and features than premium models, but who cares if everyone is having lots of fun and enjoying a great massage. Come and check it out, you will be impressed!

Click on a hot tub below to see a larger image.

The Vegas The Vegas
capacity/seats: 7/7, jets: 50
Full Specs / Video
The Hollywood The Hollywood
capacity/seats: 6/6, jets: 45
Full Specs / Video
The Broadway The Broadway
capacity/seats: 4/5, jets: 28
Full Specs / Video
The Napa The Napa
capacity/seats: 5/6, jets: 15
Full Specs / Video