Marquis e-Series has seven models crafted for comfort including some models designed specifically to fit into smaller quarters and budgets.

The e-Series by Marquis is a practical choice, offering standard features such as insulation, SmartClean™ filtration, efficient equipment, e-zone™ hydrotherapy, stainless steel jet fittings, waterfalls, headrests and plug-and-play models. Some amazing options include Twilight™ LED lighting system with backlit cup holders, Tempo™ audio system plus the Ozonator system with corona discharge.

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hottubs-eseries-750 The 750
capacity/seats: 7/7, jets: 50
Full Specs / Video
hottubs-eseries-660 The 660
capacity/seats: 6/7, jets: 60
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The 545 The 545
capacity/seats: 5/6, jets: 45
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The 524 The 524
capacity/seats: 5/6, jets: 24
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The 435 The 435
capacity/seats: 4/5, jets: 35
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The 425 The 425
capacity/seats: 4/5, jets: 25
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The 322 The 322
capacity/seats: 2/3, jets: 22
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Environments surround benches

hottubs-environmentsSurround your Marquis hot tub with custom Environments™ modules to transform your outdoor living space into your personal hot tub utopia and provide easier access. Check out the Environment selection and video.