Marquis Signature Series caters to your every need with all its amenities and 10 models of different shapes and configurations to choose from.

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The Show The Show
capacity/seats: 5/5, jets: 82
Full Specs / Video
The Epic The Epic
capacity/seats: 5/6, jets: 65
Full Specs / Video
The Euphoria The Euphoria
capacity/seats: 7/7, jets: 58
Full Specs / Video
The Wish The Wish
capacity/seats: 5/5, jets: 50
Full Specs / Video
The Promise The Promise
capacity/seats: 6/7, jets: 46
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The Reward The Reward
capacity/seats: 6/6, jets: 58
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The Resort The Resort
capacity/seats: 5/5, jets: 60
Full Specs / Video
The Spirit The Spirit
capacity/seats: 3/4, jets: 32
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The Mirage The Mirage
capacity/seats: 4/5, jets: 38
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The Rendezvous The Rendezvous
capacity/seats: 2/3, jets: 14
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Environments surround benches

hottubs-environmentsSurround your Marquis hot tub with custom Environments™ modules to transform your outdoor living space into your personal hot tub utopia and provide easier access. Check out the Environment selection and video.