Closing your Pool  –  The Basics

Gib-San offers a range of pool closing services to suit your needs.  Having a pool professional close your pool gives you peace of mind that all will be well with the equipment and water when you open in the spring. Here is an overview of the closing process. This is by no means a step… Read more »

Keeping Your Pool Balanced & Clear

Keeping your pool safe with the proper amounts of Sanitizer and Shock is important to your health as well as your pool, but don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your pool balanced as well.Proper Alkalinity, PH and Hardness levels all contribute to the way your water looks and the longevity and appearance of your equipment… Read more »

What Do You Mean I Need To Drain My Water???

Your Hot Tub water may look clean, but the fact is water picks up contaminants from the environment, our bodies and bathing suits. Over time the ability of the water to hold  chemicals in suspension to properly do their job becomes diminished.A good rule of thumb is to change the water every 3 months or… Read more »

Balancing Your Hot Tub Water – A 5 step approach

Proper balancing of all aspects of your hot tub water makes for better water maintenance. Balancing requires more than just maintaining the recommended bromine (or chlorine) level which sanitizes your water. Balancing of alkalinity, pH and hardness also increases sanitizer efficiency in addition to enhancing bather comfort and lengthening the life of your tubs equipment by… Read more »

Winter Hot Tubbing Is The Best!!!!

Most of our customers fully enjoy hot tubbing all winter.  Recently a customer was happily mentioning to me just how fabulous his experience was the night before with the snow coming down around him and his hot tub lights on. It was like a Winter Wonderland paradise! Indeed in a Marquis hot tub with the… Read more »

Which Line of Marquis Hot Tub Is Right For Me?

The Marquis Line Consists of 4 Series of hot tubs. This blog will give you an idea of difference between them. The Signature SeriesIf you or a member of your family have therapy needs, then this is the series of tubs for you! Some models in the Signature Series use O.T Zone technology in Lumbar,… Read more »