Small S*POOL pools & Swim Spas offer BIG entertainment for small yards!

More than a Swim Spa, it is called an “ATV” or Aquatic Training Vessel™ because it is a serious swimming and exercise “machine”.

An ideal pool for small yards. It delivers “big” performance for swimming, exercising and just relaxing. Optional swim jets create a current that can be adjusted from a gentle front crawl to a pace that will challenge even a competitive swimmer. Comes in two lengths: 14 and 17 feet.

Swim strokes, leg kicks, resistance movements, and low-impact range of motion exercises are all options for your active efforts and healthy life. It can also be just a place to kick back and float away stress or laugh and play with the kids. An ATV™ is a true action vessel for your whole family to enjoy all year-round.



Enjoy seats with massage jets to relax in

Built tougher than others, from quality bonded polymer resins similar to that used in boats. They can even be craned-in over the house and be partially sunk into the ground and surrounded by a deck. A Swim Spa generally costs less and takes less time to install than custom concrete and vinyl lined pools unless it is going to be countersunk into a ground vault. Depending on the jurisdiction and your installation plan, they often do not need a building permit or special fencing. It can be a year-round pool with a proper insulation cover.


The innovative bowed sidelines of the ATV™ are more stylized and allow for a more spacious swim and workout space than comparable rectangular swim spas. Whether your body position is horizontal while swimming, vertical during aerobic exercise, or seated in resistance/strength workouts, the vessel area accommodates greater space for mobility and workout freedom without kicking or banging into walls.


The true four foot (122 cm) water depth allows for a more extensive full torso range of exercises when immersed in the water. The open level floor area is lightly textured for more stable footing during aerobic workouts.

A Swim Spa by Marquis is a great option for small yards. Available in two sizes: 14’ and 17’. For more details check out the Marquis Swim Spa website and video

A S*POOL is a small pool with BIG Entertainment that fits beautifully into small yards  

While the concept can start as a basic plunge pool to cool off or float in while reading a great book,  it most often has benches with massage jets.  It can be built as a concrete or vinyl-lined pool, customized  to fit the space and landscaping style, with an array of water features and exercise options such as a swim current. 


Massage jets can be added to sunning benches to provide a place to relax while sharing stories with family and friends.

If you like to work out, swim jets are added so you can swim and exercise against a current.


S*POOL pools can be integrated into your landscaping with waterfalls or other water and garden features. The options are limitless depending on your yard space, imagination and budget. Contact us for ideas and a quote.