For the benefit of your health

Life IS better in a Marquis hot tub. Studies have shown that a hot tub can help alleviate symptoms and promote healing from common conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, stress, pain, insomnia and so much more. More than that, Marquis designs our tubs for hydrotherapy. It is one of our core beliefs that form follows function. Our customers agree that Life is better in a Marquis. Browse the info-graphic and discover how to make your life better with a Marquis!

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Stroke Patients Can Benefit From Water Exercise

New studies suggest water immersion and exercise may help stroke patients regain mobility more easily than land exercise. Read more.

Water Immersion Works

water-immersion-worksThe following series of researched-based articles are on the health benefits of aquatic immersion and activity. This series has been compiled by PlayCore and the National Swimming Pool Foundation to raise awareness and provide education about the value and benefits of aquatic immersion and activity.

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